Top 10 Best Gaming Mouse of 2024

When it comes to computer gaming, you need a mouse that’s responsive and agile. Using a low-quality mouse can drastically affect your performance, making for a less-than-enjoyable gaming experience.
Fortunately, there are tons of high-quality gaming mice on the market today. These are available at a wide range of prices, and provide a wide range of features.
Looking to invest in some computer accessories? Unsatisfied with the quality of your mouse? We’re going to help you find the best gaming mouse of 2024.

What’s the Best Gaming Mouse of 2024?

There is no shortage of gaming mice on the market today, each of which provides something different in terms of comfort, responsiveness, and overall functionality. While they all have their perks, the ones reviewed below are the absolute best of 2024.

1. UtechSmart VENUS Pro

Our list begins with the UtechSmart VENUS Pro, an expensive but highly-functional gaming mouse that provides ample comfort and functionality. If you’re looking for the best gaming mouse on the market, you need to give this one serious consideration.
It’s equipped with a 16000 DPI sensor, allowing for some of the most precise and responsive gameplay imaginable. Sporting 16 programmable buttons, it enables absurd amounts of customization. As such, it gives you almost full control over the gameplay experience.
While it might be a bit bulky for some tastes, it’s undeniably ergonomic. Shaped to fit comfortably within the palm, it accommodates seamless hand movement and maneuverability.
This mouse is wireless and can be used up to 10 meters away from its plugin. This makes it a terrific choice for those who play on big screens.
While everyone has an opinion, it’s not a stretch to call this the best gaming mouse on the market today. Few other mice provide its combination of comfort, performance, and durability.


2. ROCCAT KONE Aimo Gaming Mouse

Next up on our list is the ROCCAT KONE Aimo Gaming Mouse. While it’s on the expensive end of the spectrum, it provides a great deal in the ways of comfort and overall performance.
One of the most precise gaming mice on the market, it’s equipped with a 12000DPI OWL-EYE optical sensor. This allows for quick, responsive, and accurate movements, regardless of the game that’s being played.
To allow for maximum control, it’s equipped with a tilting wheel as well as a tri-button thumb area. This thumb area allows you to access 24 programmable actions, vastly simplifying gameplay.
The design of this mouse is fairly simple and straightforward. It fits almost perfectly in the palm, allowing for comfortable and natural movement at all times.
All in all, this is a superb product. If you’re looking for high-performance gameplay, this mouse will give it to you. For its price, it’s one of the best gaming mice on the market today.


3. Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum

Logitech has always been at the top of the mouse-manufacturing game. At the present time, their best gaming mouse is the Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum. Highly comfortable and functional, it excels on all fronts.
It’s equipped with a 12000 DPI optical sensor, offering above-average responsiveness and precision. Though it falls behind some other mice in this department, it’s still plenty suitable for most gaming purposes.
Sporting 11 programmable buttons, it offers quite a bit of customization. Again, while it falls a little behind some of the higher-end models, it still serves its function admirably.
Ergonomically, it’s as good as they get. Fitting comfortably in the palm, it can be pushed and pulled with little effort. Coming with adjustable weights, it can be customized to accommodate different strengths and playing styles.
At its price point, you’re not going to get much better than this. The G502 Proteus Spectrum grades above-average in essentially every category, offering tons of value at a respectable price. In short, there’s no reason not to buy this mouse.


4. Razer Basilisk Gaming Mouse

Another mid-level mouse that you might consider is the Razer Basilisk Gaming Mouse. Providing tons of value for its price point, it’s one of the best buys on the market today.
This mouse is equipped with a 16000 DPI sensor, allowing for exceedingly precise and responsive gameplay. Regardless of the game that you’re playing, this mouse will have little trouble keeping up with it.
What prevents it from being a high-end mouse is the fact that it possesses only 8 programmable buttons. While suitable for most individuals, this is not enough for the ultra-competitive gamers out there. That said, it’s more than enough to allow for fulfilling gameplay.
In terms of ergonomics, this mouse is exceptional. Moderately-sized, it fits perfectly in the palm. Adorned with a smooth but grip-able material, it’s both comfortable and easy to control.
All in all, this is a terrific gaming mouse. While it’s not quite equipped for the ultra-competitive gamers out there, it suits just about everyone else. If you’re seeking comfort, functionality, and customization at a reasonable price, this mouse deserves your consideration.



Up next is the CORSAIR M65 ELITE RGB, a mid-level gaming mouse that’s available for a middle of the road price. While it provides top-notch functionality at its best, it suffers from manufacturing consistency issues. In other words, some models don’t work as well as others.
The M65 ELITE RGB sports an 18000 DPI sensor, allowing for absurd precision and responsiveness. Regardless of what you’re playing, it will keep up and allow you to perform to the best of your ability.
Shape-wise, this mouse is unique. Its palm area is highly elevated, leading down to a low-sitting finger area. While it’s not a comfortable fit for all hands, it’s an exceedingly comfortable fit for those who enjoy it.
It sports 8 programmable buttons, allowing for slightly above-average customization. Though not on the customization level of higher-end models, it still offers enough to keep up.
All things considered, this mouse is hit-or-miss. Those who like it (and receive functional models) end up loving it. Those who don’t like it (because of its unique shape) end up hating it.


6. Logitech G502 SE Hero High Performance RGB Gaming Mouse

Looking for a high-quality gaming mouse on a budget? If so, you should consider this one from Logitech. Though it’s available at just a fraction of the price of the mice reviewed above, it offers very comparable performance.
This mouse is equipped with 11 programmable buttons, allowing you to customize gameplay commands. Equipped with a tilting wheel, it enables quick and convenient gameplay.
It’s equipped with a 16000 DPI optical sensor, providing gameplay that is equal parts precise and responsive. Gliding across desks with ease, it’s smooth, ergonomic, and easy to control.
This mouse is unique in that it can be fitted with custom weights. As such, it can be altered to suit the user’s preferences.
The downside to this mouse? Its construction isn’t quite as solid as some others. Because of this, it might not last as long.
Note, however, that because its price is so low, it still offers quite a bit of bang for its buck. So, if you’re looking to buy a gaming mouse on the cheap, this is one you should consider.


7. Razer DeathAdder Elite Gaming Mouse

Another low-priced, high-quality gaming mouse that you might consider is this one from Razer. Available for around the same price as the Logitech reviewed above, it offers very similar functionality.
It’s equipped with a 16000 DPI optical sensor, making it highly precise and responsive. As such, it won’t have any trouble keeping up with the competition.
Unfortunately, it contains only 7 programmable buttons. So, while still allowing for a good amount of customization, it ultimately falls behind the Logitech.
In terms of comfort, it’s fairly straightforward. It doesn’t have any bells or whistles, but it fits firmly in the palm and is easy to maneuver. Sporting rubber side grips, it offers terrific traction at all times.
All in all, this is a terrific gaming mouse for the money. Durable, functional, and comfortable, it has everything needed to facilitate a positive gaming experience. If you’re looking for high-performance gaming without breaking the bank, this is a product you need to consider.


8. PICTEK Gaming Mouse

Up next is the PICTEK Gaming Mouse, a low-cost mouse offering a great deal in the ways of feel and durability. While not the most precise mouse on the market, it performs well enough to accommodate recreational gamers.
It’s equipped with a 7200 DPI sensor, providing average precision and responsiveness. As such, it can keep up with the vast majority of games.
Comfort-wise, it’s fantastic. Fitting snugly in the palm of the hand, it’s smooth to the touch and easy to handle. Equipped with rubber side grips, it offers complete control at all times.
It comes with 8 programmable buttons, making it fairly standard among gaming mouses. For recreational gamers, it should easily suffice.
In summation, this is a solid and inexpensive gaming mouse. It’s certainly not the best mouse on the market. But for its price, it offers excellent comfort, durability, and functionality.


9. Redragon M602 RGB Wired Gaming Mouse

If your budget is particularly small, you might consider the Redragon M602 RGB Wired Gaming Mouse. Available for half the price of the Logitech reviewed above, it offers passable (though not great) performance.
This mouse is equipped with a 7200 DPI sensor, allowing for decent but middling precision, accuracy, and responsiveness. While it’s certainly functional enough to accommodate an enjoyable experience, it’s far from the best on the market.
It sports 7 programmable buttons. This is a decent number but is fairly limited when compared to higher-end models.
Where this mouse shines is in its comfort features. Shaped to fit in the palm, it offers a good amount of traction without sacrificing touch.
Overall, this is a terrific budget buy. While its functionality is nowhere near the best, it offers decent performance at a downright low price. If you’re buying your first gaming mouse, this would be a solid option.


10. Blade Hawks Gaming Mouse

Rounding out our list is the Blade Hawks Gaming Mouse, a budget gaming mouse that offers a fair amount of functionality. Great for the beginner gamers out there, it will allow for a fulfilling gaming experience without breaking the bank.
This wired mouse possesses a 6000 DPI sensor. While it’s not the most responsive or precise mouse on the market, it offers enough functionality to accommodate standard gameplay.
It’s equipped with 7 programmable buttons. While it doesn’t provide anywhere near the amount of customization provided by higher-end models, it does enough to accommodate beginner gamers.
Ergonomically speaking, it’s as good as any mouse you’re going to find. Fitting comfortably in the palm, it can be pushed and pulled with little thought, allowing you to concentrate on the game at hand. Sporting rubber side grips, it’s always easy to handle.
In short, this mouse provides tons of value for its price. If you’re looking for as much value as possible for as little money as possible, you need to give this product some consideration. It won’t keep up with the big dogs, but it will allow for consistent and reliable gameplay.


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