Your 2024 Guide to the Best Inexpensive Smart Watch

Are you looking to upgrade your watch to a smartwatch this 2024? Other than telling the time, a smartwatch also acts as a fitness tracker, travel buddy, and a sleep tracker. This tech is so useful that Australian smartwatch sales grew 80% in 2018.
With that growth in sales, it’s inevitable for luxury smartwatches to come out and take the limelight. If you’re looking for a functional but inexpensive smartwatch, you came to the right place. Below, we’ve got a list of the best inexpensive smart watch models in the market.

1. Amazfit Bip

Let’s start with one of the best and cheap smartwatches, the Amazfit Bip brought to you by Huami. The design of this smartwatch takes inspiration from the Apple Watch. Comfortable and easy to read, this smartwatch is rich with other features as well.
The square display uses a 176×176-pixel colour screen. The face has a vertical span of 32.5mm and uses 2.5D Corning Gorilla Glass. The watch has a polycarbonate, matte-plastic build to keep the entire smartwatch lightweight.
It has an IP68 rating, meaning it’s dustproof and waterproof. Don’t worry when you take it under 1.5 meters of water for 30 minutes. Also, it has 4 sports modes: outdoor running, treadmill, cycling, and walking.
The GPS and heart rate monitor tracking are only a couple of its other features. The Bip also comes with the Mi Fit companion app, which can run on iOS and Android. Start tracking and recording your daily steps, distance travelled, and calories burned.
Amazfit Bip also lets you access your email, calls, and messages. If you don’t want to get distracted by any of these, toggle the “Do Not Disturb” mode. Choose from 4 colours to match it to your typical day wear.
The typical battery life of the Amazfit Bip can last up to 30 days. When it comes time to charge, you only need 2.5 hours to plug it in before it’s fully-powered again.
One of the ways to tell the best smartwatches is to look at the battery life. Watches with too many features drain fast. With the right power-saving techniques, you can optimize your smartwatch’s battery life.
One way to optimize your smartwatch’s battery is to turn off the features you don’t use. Not in need of GPS? Toggle it off and you’ll find fewer instances in the month when you need to plug the watch in.


2. Fitbit Versa Lite Edition

The market is full of smartphone-compatible wearables like wireless headphones. There’s no doubt that another great phone accessory is the smartwatch. The Fitbit Versa Lite takes high-quality and affordable and then blends them.
It has tons of features, which is a lot, especially considering its price. The Versa Lite offers over 15 exercise modes. Some of these modes let you record workouts and track your running pace, time, and distance.
The Versa Lite also lets women and girls track their period and select workouts for it. If you want to access the weather or calendar, you can do it on your Fitbit Versa Lite. This smartwatch lets you get calls, texts, and other smartphone app notifications too.
The design is slim, comfortable, and lightweight. This smartwatch uses anodized aluminum for its body and Corning Gorilla Glass 3 for its Hi-Res touchscreen. Its battery life can last for four days per charge.
This Fitbit model is great for smartwatch beginners. It’s lightweight, affordable, and has tons of great features. Get your Fitbit Versa Lite on Amazon now for as low as 99 USD.


3. Fossil Men’s Sport Smartwatch

A study found that around 40% of Australians already wear normal watches. This is why it’s so easy for Australians to shift from analogue and digital watches to smartwatches. Going smart feels more like an upgrade to most rather than an abrupt change of tech.
It’s one unsurprising reason for Fossil to offer an affordable smartwatch for men. The brand is famous for introducing fashionable yet affordable watches when it first entered the market. Now, it’s trying to repeat history with the smartwatch technology.
Working on Wear OS by Google, this smartwatch by Fossil will work on both iPhones and Androids. Like other smartwatches, it can receive notification and app alerts from your smartphone. It can also let you manage your calendar, control your music, and download third-party apps without reaching for your phone.
The Fossil Men’s Sport Smartwatch uses an aluminium case and silicone band. This makes it ultra-lightweight compared to other models. The case size is 43mm and the 22 mm band size is interchangeable with other 22mm Fossil bands.
It lets you customize your watch face, set your alarms and goals, and do more. Use it to track your heart rate with Google Fit. This smartwatch is swim-proof as well, making it the ultimate Sport smartwatch.
The battery life can last 24 or 72 hours, depending on usage. The watch comes with a rapid charger that can get the battery to 80% in under an hour. The Fossil Men’s Sport is the best inexpensive smartwatch that you can get second-hand for 85.39 USD on Amazon.


4. Garmin Vívosmart 4

We’ve finished with the Fossil Men’s. Now, let’s talk about one of the most affordable, best smartwatches for women. However, note that the Vívosmart 4 is less a smartwatch and more a fitness tracker.
From the slim body, you may already know right away that it’s a fitness tracker. It has a 6.6mm x 17.7mm screen uses an OLED display. Swimmers, runners, cyclists, and more will love its waterproof.
Athletes and non-athletes will appreciate the fitness tracker’s pulse ox sensor. This is an oxygen sensor that runs with your heart rate sensor. Vívosmart 4 is a device that can detect oxygen levels in your blood.
The battery life of Garmin Vívosmart 4 can last up to 7 days. If you use the pulse ox sensor and sleep tracking, you’re compromising more battery life. Speaking of battery, it also gives your body battery readings.
These readings are an estimate of the energy you have. The device uses your sleep and the previous day’s activities as a basis for this number. Vívosmart 4 is compatible with Android and iOS, and it’s available in 4 colours.


5. LETSCOM Smartwatch 

The demand for smartwatches in Australia is higher 22% from 2018. That means that the Australian market bought 1.2 million smart wrist wearables in 2019. One contributing factor is the decreasing prices of smartwatches while smartphone prices increase.
With that said, let’s talk about a great and cheap smartwatch 2019 has to offer, LETSCOM Smartwatch. This device has a TFT-LCD colour touch screen spanning 33mm. It offers 4 customized displays for easy viewing of the time, notifications, and more.
Acting also as a fitness tracker, it has the All-day Fitness Tracking feature. This feature records your activity data like the calories you burned in a week and month. This data includes steps, distance, and your fitness targets as well.
Other fitness functions include heart rate tracker and sleep tracker. Observe your sleep quality and real-time heart rate to understand your health better.
The battery life for the LETSCOM Smartwatch lasts up to 10 days. If you use it on standby time only, its battery life can reach up to 30-45 days. With only 2.5 hours of charging, you have a device that can last more than a month without charging.
Do you want reminders to stretch and get active when you’re working in front of the computer for too long? The sedentary alert feature helps keep you on your feet for the time you set it. If you’re the forgetful sort, you can set up to 10 alarms to remind you of tasks, dates, or medication.
Get this smartwatch on Amazon for only 37.99 USD. Considering how other smartwatches can’t live up to that kind of battery life, we’d say it’s a steal. To make the deal sweeter, LETSCOM Smartwatches are available in kids, women’s, and men’s sizes.

6. Garmin Forerunner 35

When it comes to smartwatch brands, Apple takes the top rank. However, we understand that Apple Watches are costly. We all know that you don’t need to buy expensive watches to appreciate one.
Thus, we’re introducing the Garmin Forerunner 35. It has smart connectivity, smart notifications, and music controls. Another useful feature includes its vibration alerts for alerts and progress.
Convenience is the goal of the smartwatch. Thus, cellular connectivity to check your data at a glance is a core element in smartwatches. With the view and control the Forerunner 35 offers on music, exercise, and calls, it’s safe to say it has a good grasp of its goal.
Its sensors include GPS and one for tracking your heart rate. The heart rate monitor takes note of your heart rate 24/7 using Garmin Elevate technology. It also has the step counter and auto lap features for active users.
At 89 USD on Amazon, you get a lightweight running smartwatch. View its high-resolution display whether you’re indoors or outdoors. Use the Garmin Connect Mobile app to connect it with your iPhone or Android.
Get on Garmin Connect, a free online fitness community. Push yourself by joining community challenges then share your progress. As you get closer to your fitness goals, you receive insights about your activity and fitness.
It’s the best smartwatch for runners and joggers. When you use the watch in training mode, its battery life lasts 13 hours. Keep it only on watch mode and you get up to 9 days of battery life per charge.


7. Pebble Time Smartwatch

Finally, last but not least on this list of the best inexpensive smart watch options is the Pebble Time Smartwatch. Ergonomic and easy to control, Pebble Time is an affordable yet functional smartwatch. Its design is smooth, slim, and simple.
Pebble created its first product in 2012 with an amazing crowd-funding record. Pebble’s Kickstarter hit and the company raised records by selling unique-looking units. You can even say that Pebble was the first successful modern smartwatch company.
The key materials used for this smartwatch is matte plastic and a huge metal bezel. The silicone straps ensure a comfortable fit on any wrist. The smartwatch also uses PVD-coated marine grade stainless steel.
Unlike the other smartwatches on this list, Pebble Time uses a 31.75mm ePaper display, not LCD or OLED. This means you navigate the watch with the side buttons rather than a touchscreen. If you have sweaty hands and a particular dislike for dirty screens, this is the device for you.
The Pebble app store offers over 8000 apps to download through your smartphone. It notifies you of calls, texts, emails, and more through your phone. It also has features for sleep tracking, activity tracking, and fitness tracking.
It’s waterproof and has 7-day battery life. Its only disadvantages lie in its lack of GPS and heart rate monitoring. If you’re not the active type, this isn’t a problem.
Waterproofing or water-resistance is an integral feature in smartwatches. Today, smartwatches are synonymous with fitness trackers, yet it’s not true vice versa. That said, you’re likely to use a smartwatch to track your fitness progress.
This includes sweating onto it. To prevent unwanted buildup on the device, most smartwatches are waterproof or water-resistant. This way, users can rinse off the sweat buildup without worrying about breaking them.

Get the Best Inexpensive Smart Watch

These days, smartwatches can be very pricey. However, buying a smartwatch is much like buying clothes. What’s the point of getting the hottest on the market if you’re uncomfortable with it?
In this case, if you’re uncomfortable with the high prices, look for cheaper ones. We’re sure you’d find the best inexpensive smart watch for you from our list. If you didn’t find all the watches on the list suitable, we’re sure you found at least one.
Finally, timepieces are the kind of accessories that need to be ubiquitous. Don’t overlook the appearance of the smartwatch you choose to buy. Make sure your typical style won’t clash with the smartwatch of your choice.
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